Jandarma Registrations, Tax Returns & Insurance

If you rent your property out during the summer period, property owners are required, by Turkish law, to register all guests with the local Jandarmari and submit a rental tax return. We can do all of this for you with our very reasonable and straightforward package.

PLEASE NOTE - Queen Accommodation can currently only offer Jandarma Registration Packages to new clients if Rental Management & Cleaning is carried out by us

Jandarma Registration, Tax Management & Insurance Packages

Our packages are priced into categories based on the size of the property:

      • Apartments
      • Villa with shared pool
      • Private Villa (up to 3 bedrooms)
      • Private Villa (4+ bedrooms) 

Queen Accommodation Services Jandarma Registration, Tax Management & Insurance Packages include the following:

Jandarma Passport Registration (Jandarma System)

For Queen Accommodation Services to take responsibility for your villa regarding passport registrations and rental tax. To register each passport, each day on the Jandarma system whether its online or manually at the Jandarma station when the electric is down.

Accountancy Fee (Muhasebe)

Open/Closing Fee with the tax authority (Açiliş Ücreti)

This is passed from the accountant directly to the Mugla Belediye who charge this set amount to open/close your property on their taxing system.

Invoice Books / Invoice Stamp (Fatura / Kaşe)

Please note for each booking, per day we have to complete an invoice which is then submitted to the accountant. These invoice books have to be purchased for each individual property with the appropriate information on it, each year.

Rental Tax (not included)

The above does not include rental tax which is then calculated, based on the property size and number of nights occupied. All rentals tax will be declared to owners at the end of the summer, with this being settled in October on the end of season invoice.

Property Insurance

All properties, by law, should have Earthquake Insurance, also known here as DASK Insurance. We recommend that properties have adequate House & Contents Insurance also. Both insurances can be obtained by us via our Insurance Agent who offers the best possible policy for a very reasonable price. Please CONTACT US for further information or an individual quotation.

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